My ‘demand’ of our Democratic representatives—conservers of all American rights and freedoms—is simple: DACA, YES..! | WALL, NO..!

The day to stand your ground on our behalf is here! The day for righteous push back is upon us.

  • M.T. Evans


by M.T. Evans

People, you are just not getting it..! The $tock market is soaring—so what?!        Meanwhile your freedoms, lifestyle—the important things are being taken away—undermined—in the name of all these profits that don’t really benefit you or the whole of the nation. When the $market crashes—and it will—you will look around at what is left—at the moral and repugnant Republican devastation—and say: “How did this happen?” The answer: We allowed it.

DT’s America

Do you really want to live in a country where everything you do becomes a litigation–every act of any seemed injustice; and those who cannot afford to lawyer-up will always–and ultimately–lose?

Welcome to DT’s America.

  • M.T. Evans



Donald Trump has changed parties at least 5 times. He has no true ideology, accept his own. He will pander to whomever will listen and follow…read: Republican base (for now). He will turn on a dime. He has no true religion, foundation, actual political aspirations. He is a dyed-in-the-wool capitalist cum fascist. His idea of ‘Making America Great Again’ is selling baseball caps for profit. The message never meant a thing, just the profits he and his ilk can harvest. Republicans will find this out too late.

  • M.T. Evans


Philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre said: “Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you”. In other words:freedom consists in finding the point of power, which is always in the present moment. It also means: how you respond to what happens is more important than what happens.

Gregory Bateson

“We live in a world in which distrust and greed and violence masquerade as common sense, and in which the pathways of distrust and greed and violence are rapidly becoming self-validating. By following those pathways, we create the social and international structures, the premises upon which we must live. By choosing the ‘common sense’ of distrust, we choose also the progressive truth of distrust. We cause horror to become the only pathway to wisdom.”

  • Gregory Bateson

My Humble Opinion

My Humble Opinion

Perhaps some of the burden—if not some of the blame—of collusion (conspiracy) in the 2016 Presidential Campaign and election should fall squarely on the shoulders of the Facebook itself (Facebook, Inc.).
Although having the potential to be a valuable tool and resource for humanity,
they opted—in the true darker nature of capitalism—to take money from any (and all) sources…no matter where those sources were located, or the information and advertisement in the form of information (read: fake news) came from.
No filtering. No vetting. No action in the form of responsibility.
Just money lust at the expense of US security.
Facebook is more than willing to take punitive action against its users, but who has oversight on them?
Perhaps Facebook, Inc. should be drawn into this collusion investigation as a culpable participant—culpable by their neglect in the matter.
If Facebook went away tomorrow, I—for one—would not be at a loss.

Just today’s thought.
Just my humble opinion.

  • M.T. Evans