Money vs. Humanity

You either believe in the future of money, or the future of humanity. Sorry. There is not a lot of middle ground.

  • M.T. Evans

TO DESERT SUN: 05/24/2017


Re: Cathedral City as a Sanctuary City

This is NOT a national issue. Sorry. It IS a local issue.
As California attempts to move toward being a Sanctuary State, we all need to be in line with a necessary agenda to
keep our communities safe. The idea that crime is allowed to flourish in our communities because the victims
are too scared to report said crimes–due of the fear of recrimination–is not good for the community environment,
or anyone–and…not one we should be comfortable living with just to appease an oppressive White House. Whereas,
the threat of any defunding through the loss of federal funding should be viewed as similar to an arm-twisting form
of blackmail by the federal government to further a wrong-on-its-face agenda. I think that this is the very definition
of an elected official’s job in addressing community concern–not look the other way because of bullying threats and tactics.
Let’s make California stronger by aligning forces against the Federal government’s vice-grip malfeasance.