The Swamp

So, what Donald Trump meant by “draining the swamp” is now apparent. Anyone with a shred of decency, left-leaning tendencies or ties to the former–rather stable–Obama administration will be rid of–someday soon–somehow, someway.

  • M.T. Evans

Mueller Musings


Well, with so many people pinning their hopes on the Mueller investigation and (or) impeachment as a solution to the ongoing downward spiral known as Donald J. Trump and his administration; my questions are simply this:
What will an impeachment actually accomplish? A slap on the wrist, not much more.
What will insurmountable evidence against the president accomplish? Can he be removed from office? He then has the ability to pardon himself and remain in power. No president has ever been jailed, except Ulysses S. Grant (for a speeding charge).
We are in uncharted territory here: deep waters.
The people rising up in abject disgust and demanding congress to act—to remove Trump from office—will be the only thing that will work. IMHO
That is where we will really assess if this country—this democracy—is completely broken, or we just have one bad apple spoiling the office.

  • M.T. Evans


We are all gipsies who have traveled different roads to get where we are today–no person more lost or found than any another; but the trail of privilege has misled us all–turned us into conquering souls, spilling like blood of gipsy brothers and sisters over imagined wealth and power. It has turned demagogues into monsters. It has made us believe that our gipsy homeland is something to carve-up with hate, not share with love. We have something to celebrate. There is a different way to look at each other–as gipsy souls. Look into the eyes of each other: be soft; be gentle. Hate is for cowards. It is just an easy way to ignore truth, but let us be true to ourselves.

  • M.T. Evans

A New Paradigm: A Clean Dream Act for a Clean American Dream!


There is a resurgent plague upon this land. It is one of moral sickness, greed, hate and bigotry.
We have seen it here before and in other parts of the world—throughout history.
It is fueled by superstitious mantras and suspicious misconceptions borne of unfounded torch-lit fears.
Pushed forth by selfish mongers—purported religious zealots—with a conformity to ideas that no longer fit their long comfortable paradigm. This is the point where the world and humanity grow–and must grow.
America is about to be tested. A test of our real values, our true values—the things that got us here.
Do we grow with love, or kill others with the hate in our hearts?
We must change; we must grow.
On March 05, 2018, we will be on the world stage as a country, a nation, as a people—as human beings. An arbitrary date set by a fascist (whether he knows it or not) hater and his political jackboot juggernaut.
A wood chipper of human rights for people that do not fit his arbitrary righteous guidelines.
Recently, we were willing to tax without knowing the inherent consequences to those who may be gravely affected—now, or real soon.
Then, CHIP passes without the necessary facilities funded or available to carry out that action—which had to be later corrected.
Ok. So, once again, we have taken care of the money!
What about the people whose lives and futures twist in the political wind of an uncertain future.
If you read through this recent muddle of good intent, there is a shadow—a dark underbelly—we not only have a potential constitutional crisis lurking, we have a definite pending existential crisis; there has been an ominous in-your-face effort to sidestep the long-standing crisis of DACA, of immigrants, of a country acting on its believed inherent entitlement.

This is an existential crisis of wresting a renewed definition of our country’s purpose.
One that is true.
One that works–for everybody.

Through all this congressional cajoling and power back-slapping we were able to push aside with economic and governmental prejudice the rights of dreamers and the rights of immigrants—God-forged peoples—to an arbitrary deadline.
And here we are…
Who are we? Let’s learn.
Does it always have to come down to this? America?
You have started something you need to finish—something to be true to.
Not an answer of empty promises.
Let these people go!
A Clean Dream Act for a Clean American Dream!
The poultice of love can extract this infection of hate,
If you search yourself as an individual and call your government to task for humanity’s sake.

In the authoritarian minds of those in charge, the Dreamers (DACA recipients) will be cruelly and unceremoniously deported if an agreement is not reached by March 05, 2018. Many American people are just not getting that fact!

  • M.T. Evans

Bad Deals 2018

Bad deals will be made in seedy backrooms, in the dark of night, over the weekend—when people are not paying as much attention—between three-finger shots of Kentucky bourbon and back-slapping rhetoric.
Then…we will all wake up on Monday morning—screaming—feeling screwed, and not knowing how it happened. How we all (once again) got sold down the road by weekend cowards; regardless of the needs of the people.
That is American politics.

  • M.T. Evans