Road Trip

Today’s Deep History:
The name Megiddo is derived from the original Hebrew word pronounced har-Megiddon,
from which we get the English pronunciation Armageddon. Megiddo (in what is now Israel)
is the ascribed biblical and/or historical place of note for the battles of Armageddon.
But ‘scholars’ once again cannot completely agree where these battles took place.
They could have been anywhere form Syria to Saudi Arabia.
Road Trip..!

  • M.T. Evans

Ideology Farm

Something to chew on: All the people POTUS 45 has fired are still out there promoting his agenda-perhaps more than ever–without restriction; read Steve Bannon. It is almost like his office is a indoctrination mill to farm out his ideology into the public sector.

  • M.T. Evans


Humanity: How one person treats another is the reality. Everything else, exempli gratia : politics, money, power…is nothing more than a dog and pony show supported by smoke and mirrors.
A construct of greed, not love–greed!

– M.T. Evans